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Overview of Rank and Insignia of 6th Kowloon Group

Being a highly disciplined unit, it is of most importance to understand where we stand in our organization, and the path one might be able to grow towards. 6th Kowloon Group follows military rules and the rank represents the Chain of Command. Details on the roles and qualifications can be found under the Group's Constitution. Insignia should be shown proudly on Outdoor uniforms according to standard.

All Ranks and Insignias are commissioned by GSL within the Group without exception. Rank is the basic measure of “Authority”, while each Sectional Leader may have discretion on the difficulty in achieving each rank with GSL’s approval, Sectional Leaders may not on their own accord grant/promote/demote any ranks. Officer ranks are for warranted leaders serving at Group Level only and universal for all sections. Insignias are standardized and may not be altered.

To understand further how the organization works, and some common termologies, please see Organization.

For full artcile on Scout Troop Section sub-organization, see Scout Troop Section.



Addressing Properly

During formal hours, scout of -all ranks- should address their superiors by Rank. Such is common courtesy and should be observed.


For member ranks, Sectional Leaders will request a nomination from their respective governing committee (PL council / Executive Committee), Sectional Leader will then have the discretion to add or remove recommendations upon his review. The reviewed list will then be submitted to Scouter Council, where the Promotion board may vote on the nomination via request of the GSL. The concluded result will be signed off by GSL and commissioned to the respective sections. For officer ranks, during regular rank review, GSL will nominate and may ask for Promotion board to vote on the nomination, the concluded result will then be signed off and commissioned by GSL.

Officer Ranks

Main Article: Officer Ranks
Grade O-7 O-6 O-5 O-4 O-3 O-2 O-1


Insignia-O7.png Insignia-O6-2stars.png Insignia-O6-1star.png Insignia-O5.png Insignia-O4-3stars.png Insignia-O4-2stars.png Insignia-O3.png Insignia-O2.png Insignia-O1.png
Rank Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Commander Lieutenant Commander Captain Lieutenant Cadet
Shoulder Badge ShoulderBadge-GSL.jpg ShoulderBadge-GSL.jpg ShoulderBadge-SL.jpg ShoulderBadge-ASL.jpg ShoulderBadge-ASL.jpg ShoulderBadge-INST.jpg ShoulderBadge-INST.jpg
Position Group Scout Leader Assistant Group Scout Leader Scout Leader Assistant Scout Leader Junior Assistant Scout Leader Instructor Cadet
______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________

Scout Member Ranks

Main Article: Member Ranks
Grade M-7 M-6 M-5 M-4 M-3 M-2 M-1 M-0


Insignia-M7.png Insignia-M6.png Insignia-M5.png Insignia-M4.png Insignia-M3.png Insignia-M2.png

No Insignia

No Insignia

Rank Corporal Major Master Corporal Staff Corporal Corporal Lance Corporal Scout First Class Scout Recruit
Position Range SPL SPL / PL Patrol Leader APL / Member APL / Member Member Member New Member
___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________

Venture Member Ranks

Main Article: Venture Ranks
Grade VM-6 VM-5 VM-4 VM-3 VM-2 VM-1 VM-0


VM5.jpg VM4.jpg Vm3.jpg Vm2.jpg VM1.jpg No Insignia No Insignia
Rank Sergeant Major Staff Sergeant Sergeant Corporal VS First Class Venture Scout Recruit
Position Chief Advisor Senior Leader Junior Leader Senior Member Junior Member Member Recruit
___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________

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